How C3 Public Strategies Gives Back to the Community

How C3 Public Strategies Gives Back to the Community

By Katie Matson, Account Coordinator, C3 Public Strategies


A C3 Public Strategies, we do our best to help better our surrounding communities and communities nationwide. Our team prides itself on the ability to make a positive impact on the people we work with and talk to on a daily basis, a few ways we do this are:


Donating to Local Shelters and Charities –  In July, C3 and the CSG family of companies is planning a clothing drive competition. With competitive employees and companies such as our own, we want to see which CSG office will gather the most clothes to donate to local shelters and charities. 


Talking to the Community –  We utilize phones, text messages, and door-to-door visits to track the issues community members are most concerned with so we can bring awareness to elected officials. It may be mental health awareness, helping the homeless, or creating more affordable housing. One successful example was our ballot rehabilitation efforts in a state senate election in Washington. C3 worked diligently because we knew it was important to make sure that everyone’s voice was heard. We called through the targeted district to inform voters that their vote may not have been counted and an error needed to be remedied on their ballot. By speaking directly with the community, we were able to drive impactful change. 


Hiring Within the Community –  At C3, we aim to hire within the targeted districts to generate jobs for the local community. For example, in our Change CA project, we were focused on hiring veterans in need of work. At the start of COVID-19, we knew it was one of the hardest times to find work. We were quick to offer assistance to combat the odds and built teams for remote work. Lastly, we regularly partner with non-profit organizations that assist job seekers in finding employment like Women Helping Women (WHW) in Orange County.


It is our priority to give back to the communities we live and work in. By donating goods, our time, and even our professional services, we hope to contribute to creating a positive impact for many people and organizations. We look forward to sharing more about our community service work in the future!