The Importance of Quality Control for Field Campaigns

The Importance of Quality Control for Field Campaigns

By Mark Davis, Account Executive, C3 Public Strategies

One thing that we at C3 Public Strategies pride ourselves on is the quality control measures that we take with each project we have, regardless of the size, budget, or client. We ensure that our clients are receiving exceptional service by using specific quality control measures when it comes to phone calling and door-knocking projects. This begins with extensive training for each employee that we hire, beginning even before they start their first shift to ensure that they are fully prepared for the job. 

When it comes to phone calling, C3 utilizes managers who check in while employees are making calls to ensure our quality control measures are effective. This includes checking each caller’s progress and data every other hour and providing feedback to the caller as they continue their shift to help them improve their skills and deliver the best results for our clients. Managers also monitor calls throughout every shift to listen in and ensure employees are reading the script correctly and interacting well with the people they are speaking to. At the end of each business day, the manager goes through all phone calling data and prepares a nightly report that highlights the numbers for each day, as well as the overall progress of the project. 

With our door-to-door canvassers, C3 practices similar quality control measures. Since our canvassers our out in the field, the canvassing quality control includes location monitoring for employees while they are on the clock to ensure that they are in the correct area assigned to them and knocking on the correct doors. Canvassers are also required to submit field reports midway through their shift to provide a better understanding of the responses they are getting and trends they are noticing. As we do with our phone calling measures, managers collect the door-knocking data at the end of each business day and organize it for reporting and data tracking. This allows us to see the number of surveys that were conducted and all of the answers that were recorded from those surveys. It also helps us identify which individuals and residential areas we still need to reach out to. 

These quality control measures practiced by C3 Public Strategies ensure that our clients are getting exactly what they are hoping for when they hire us. By regularly monitoring our employees in the office and out in the field, we are able to collect and provide accurate data for our clients, while also helping each employee to improve their skills. We believe that our exceptional quality control and overall dedication to client service is what separates the C3 team from the other field campaign agencies in the industry.

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